Moving home can be a minefield! Before you find ‘The One’ you can start getting prepared now to help things go smoothly…

Our 9 simple tips to make moving house easier.

  1. Speak to an independent mortgage advisor. We know a couple if you would like help choosing someone trustworthy. Independent advisors have the best advice because they can speak to the whole of the market, not just one or two banks and therefore you know you’re getting the best deal. Have your ‘Agreement in principle’ ready to be seen when required by the agent.
  2. Look for a solicitor now. Find one you’re happy with and fill in all their forms and return them so it’s one less job to be done once your offer is accepted. If you can say to the selling agent that you have already instructed your solicitor then that may just clinch the deal for you if time is of the essence.
  3. Do you know where your passport is? If not, find it and take a photo on your phone so that its ready when it needs to be shown to prove who you are.
  4. Tell your internet provider that you’re moving home as soon as you know what date you’re moving, or even before – no one wants to be in their new home with no internet for weeks!
  5. Once that all important offer has been accepted, don't just sit back and wait for things to happen - make sure you're phoning the estate agent at least once a week for an update on what is happening, be friendly and helpful so that they want to make sure you get your home. And your solicitor too. If they know you're keen, they know they need to keep chasing your case and if things start to take longer than expected they will almost certainly say to the vendor that you have been phoning regularly so no one will question if you're going to go through with the purchase - you don't want to give anyone any time to think about not moving!
  6. Phone and speak to movers quite early on in the process and get quotes. When they come to your home, see who you like the most as well as the price they quote – moving day can be stressful – you want someone you like helping you out on that day!
  7. Start decluttering now! Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready to move… you’ll much prefer browsing furniture shops or choosing paint colours than sorting through all your old stuff when moving day is looming – we suggest having three boxes “To Sell”, “To Donate”, To Recycle/Bin”. Do one room per week and take the things to their right places that week – it’s a much easier and more surmountable task to drop one bag at a charity shop each week than all in one go at the end.
  8. When you come across things that you’re not sure if you should keep or not. Think about when you last used it, was it this year, or last? If not, get rid! If you really can’t bear to part with it, perform a little test - put anything you’re really not sure about in a box, seal it and label “If this box has not been opened by XXX date, donate it to charity.” Then make sure that that box goes in the loft, garage or shed at your new place. Here’s the biggie though – when you find the box in two years’ time – DO NOT OPEN IT!! Or you’ll be in the same predicament all over again – and if you haven’t missed the items inside in two years – it doesn’t need to be taking up room in your life!
  9. Let your friends and family know when you’re moving… this can be either so they’re free for the moving in party, or for the decorating – you decide!

If you’d like to discuss your moving plans with someone who has done it more than a few times, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We know solicitors, mortgage advisors, movers, structural engineers and many more and we’re happy to chat.