Looking at estate agents' websites (as we have been doing a lot of recently while creating this shiny new website!), the thing that strikes us, is that many estate agents promise to do similar things - that they will go above and beyond or do things differently…

On reading these promises, the question we asked ourselves is how do you, as a homeowner, know that those promises are going to be kept?

So what we, Olivia and Alex, offer to you, our valued soon to be client; are five real tangible things that we provide or create that are actually different and do really set us apart from other agents.

  1. Professional lifestyle photography on every property, your home is worth it.
  2. Bespoke Photograph For Sale Boards, selling the features of your home, not our agency.
  3. Home Styling Service, advice and physical prop supply and placement.
  4. CGI furniture installation for vacant homes or empty rooms, making an empty house feel homely.
  5. Vendor Interview and Emotive Viewing Plan, to ensure we're 'talking it up' in all the right ways, every time.

    We know we said there were only five but we like to give more than we promised...

  6. Show stopping, individually branded, magazine style brochures. If you feel that your home is extra special, we will create an individually designed, personally branded, professionally copywritten, magazine style brochure that will show every potential viewer just how aspirational your home is. You can be involved in this process as much or as little as you wish but once it’s made, we promise you will want to keep the brochure forever.

If you'd like to talk to us some more about the innovative and imaginative ways we can help you sell your home please do get in touch.

To read more about how we do, what we do, take a look at our guide to selling.


Honesty and Transparency are two characteristics we value highly and as such we will publish our fee structure below.

The first 10 homes that we sell, we will charge 1% of the selling price. We are not yet VAT registered and as such do not need to charge VAT and will of course pass that saving on to you.

The next 5 homes that we sell, we will charge 1.25% also with No VAT.

Once we have sold 15 homes our fees will be 1.5% with no VAT to pay for the first year.

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