Your home is special. It’s unique. All of your friends love it. The postman keeps telling you that if they had the money, they’d buy it.

And everyone keeps telling you the market is ridiculously hot right now… So how do you pick the right agent to help you get the absolute best price for you home?

Tips on how to sell your house for the best price possible; this is how we do it…

1. Professional lifestyle photography on every property, your home is worth it.

With so many tools at our disposal today, it is possible to take utterly breath-taking photos relatively easily with the right equipment, expertise, and consideration. We believe that property photography is a creative process, and we will take the time, not to just pop out of the office to snap a few photos but to really think about what kind of photographs it is that are really going to make people pick up the phone and want to see more of this particular home.

We will check the weather; consider which way the property faces and how it looks at sunset or from above. We will talk to you, the owner, about what made you buy this home and try to portray that lifestyle in our photographs. We will ensure that the view can be seen out of the window while still getting the detail inside the room.

Just look at the photographs on our properties for sale, we think they speak for themselves.

2. Bespoke Photograph For Sale Boards, selling the features of your home not our agency.

We offer home specific For Sale Boards. The main part of the board is a photograph that you help us pick from of the many photographs we will take of your home, that shows something that can't be seen from the roadside.

Whether that is the fantastic view from a back window, a kitchen that you're particularly proud of, a twilight shot or drone image; our bespoke board, created with you in mind, gives every person walking or driving past a glimpse of what lies beyond the threshold.


3. Home Styling Service, advice and physical prop supply and placement.

Your home could look like a show home when you’re in it, but will it look that way on camera? To ensure that people don’t just scroll on past, many homes need a little expertise and adjustment to showcase their best assets in the marketing photos. Or perhaps you’re home isn’t quite ‘market ready’ and you’d appreciate like somebody with fresh eyes to come in and see what a potential buyer might see? We can help.

With an eye for detail and knowledge of what buyers are looking for we may be able to see how a few little changes; a change of angle here, a plant there, plain bedding or matching lamps on bedside tables might just make all the difference and have your home appeal to the most people possible in the photographs.

You want to give your home the best shot at getting the best price possible, right? Home styling along with professional lifestyle photography leads to more viewings and more offers to choose from.

We’ll say it again because it’s worth repeating, we want to help you get the best price possible… and we have a stock of props to help you do that.


4. CGI furniture installation for vacant homes or empty rooms, making an empty house feel homely.

Is the home you wish to sell, vacant? Or just one room empty? Unfortunately, properties can look a bit unloved when they're empty. And believe it or not, people who are not used to viewing houses, find it quite difficult to visualise, stood in an empty room, how they would live in it – or even what would fit in it.

So, with the help of technology, we enlist one of our local photographers to come and take photos of your home, your empty home, your previous home or your rental property, and they can computer generate images with stylish furniture, plants, lamps, light fittings or even a pot on the stove and a cookery book, to make the property feel homely on the photographs.

We have found much more interest in properties when viewers can see how they would be able to live there.


5. Vendor Interview and Emotive Viewing Plan, to ensure we're 'talking it up' in all the right ways, every time.

Olivia and/or Alex will come and sit with you at your home to talk all about what made you fall in love with it. We'll talk about exactly what work you've had done, which bit’s your favourite bit, what the neighbours are like, who they are, where the children go to school, what that school is like, how the garden is… all that kind of thing. We'll take notes on everything and fill in our viewing plan. So if Olivia or Alex wasn't present at the interview, it's all written down and anyone with that viewing plan can conduct every viewing on your house in the best possible way.

“Master Bedroom 14ft3 x 17ft2 - The en-suite was created last year. Porcalenosa tiles. The underfloor heating is a lifesaver for those 5am starts and a cup of tea in bed is delightful as you can watch the sun come up through the bay window.

Garden – The tree at the bottom is a copper beech tree and it's absolutely gorgeous come the middle of summer and provides much needed shade. Hidden underground are thousands of crocus’ and daffodil bulbs just waiting for spring!”

6. Individually designed and personally branded magazine style brochures, for your aspirational home.

We’ll let these masterpieces speak for themselves…

To see some examples of these brochures in person and chat about your upcoming move please get in touch.